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The name changed to Addis Ababa and became Ethiopia's capital when Menelik II became Emperor of Ethiopia


Even though much of Axum's history is still in semi-darkness, Axum is the capital of the Christianity religion


Bahir Dar is the third largest city in Ethiopia, after Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, and has a population.....


Gondar previously served as the capital of both the Ethiopian Empire book this 8 days Ethiopia package|....
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Ethiopia Package Holiday - Customized Tours, Holidays Package-A 19-day holiday, including the Simien & Bale Mountains, focusing on the varied and spectacular landscapes of Ethiopia, and the country's abundant birdlife
Duration: 19 Days
Activity level: Introductory to Moderate
Location: Ethiopia,Africa
Availability: Single | Twin
Tour type: Specialised


Top 5 things we'll experience
Hike along the impressive escarpment in Simien Mountains park, where you will likely encounter troops of Gelada Baboons
Discover some of the 1,000 churches in the Lasta Region of Lalibela
National Archaeological Museum, Addis Ababa, home to the 3.6 million year old skeletal remains of "Lucy"
Visit Debre Damo, one of Ethiopia’s most important religious sites, perched precariously on a sheer-sided, flat-topped mountain
Enjoy local cuisine and traditional dancing of various ethnic groups in Addis Ababa


Itinerary - Full details


Days 1-2

On arrival you will be met by one of our team at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa and transferred to your Hotel. An overview of the program and various itineraries will be given upon arrival. The rest of your time in Addis can be spent enjoying various tours including a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, where you can see the 3.6 million year old remains of "Lucy", whose skeletal remains where discovered until 1974. You can also visit the Ethnological Museum at Addis Ababa University, the Holy Trinity Cathedrals and Mount Entoto which rises up to an altitude of 3200 meters and offers the panoramic view of the metropolis. On the first evening we will visit Top View Restaurant for wonderful food and a magnificent view across Addis. The second evening we will visit a Cultural Restaurant to experience local food and observe the traditional dancing of various ethnic groups.

Hotel 4 star (2 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Airport Pick-up and ground Transport around Addis (2 days) Breakfasts (2) Dinner (2)

Days 3-4

Depart Addis by plane at 3.30 pm and arrive in Bahar Dar at 4.20pm. Check into Hotel. You will have the evening in Bahar Dar and a full day the following day. Sightseeing tours are flexible depending upon the group wishes. Some of the local sightseeing opportunities include a drive to the small town of Tiss Abay to visit the Blue Nile Falls, locally known as Tis Isat or 'Smoke of Fire'. The falls throws up a continuous spray of water droplets which drench onlookers up to a kilometer away. Much of the water is diverted to for Hydro electric generation but it is worth visiting for a walk around to see the country side. The area around the river is extremely fertile and the Amhara people who live here farm wheat, sorghum and teff (from which injera, the national bread, is made.) After the falls, return to Bahir Dar for lunch. The rest of the afternoon we take a boat trip on Lake Tana to visit ancient monasteries. We will visit two of the most accessible and representative of the monasteries, still serving their original function, Ura Kidane Mehret and Azwa Maryam.

Abay Minch Lodge (2 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Airfare - Addis Ababa to Bahar Dar with Ethiopian Airlines Ground Transport around Bahar Dar (2 days) Breakfasts (2) Dinner (2)

Days 5-6-7

Depart Bahar Dar at 8.30am and arrive Lalibela at 9.40am. Check into hotel. Full day sightseeing tour of Lalibela, famous for its rock hewn churches dating back 800 years. There are no less than 1000 churches in the Lasta Region of Lalibela, some hidden in enormous caves, but it's exceptional to find 11 churches of such master craftsmanship in one location. These brilliant feats of engineering and architecture are often referred to as the "Eighth wonder of the world". The afternoon is also spent exploring the atmospheric subterranean complex of passages and the 11 remarkable rock-hewn churches. On the second day we can explore some more of the local churches or do some short hikes to experience the local scenery.

Mountain View Hotel or Tukul Village Hotel (3 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Airfare - Bahar Dar to Lalibela with Ethiopian Airlines Ground Transport around Lalibela (3 days) Breakfasts (3) Dinner (3)

Day 8

We dapart Lalibela at 12.00pm for a short flight to Gondar arriving at 12.30pm. After checking into the hotel, we make plans to visit Debra Birhan Selassie Church which contains the most vibrant ecclesiastical artwork in the nation. Flash photography is forbidden inside the church. After that we explore the Royal Enclosure that houses Fasilada's Palace which dates from the 17th century. A short distance away is also Fasilada's Bath, a shady, beautiful and historical spot worth visiting. In the evening we can enjoy the sunset from the terrace of the Goha Hotel which is perched high above the town.

Goha Hotel (1 night) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Airfare - Lalibela to Gondar with Ethiopian Airlines Ground Transport around Lalibela (1 day) Breakfasts (1) Dinner (1)

Days 9-10

In the morning we depart Gondar by minibus for a 3 hour drive to the park entrance of the Simien Mountains. Here we pay the park entrance fees and pickup up our park guide. After a short journey we settle into the Simien Lodge ( for 2 days. The Simien Lodge is located at 3200 m altitude and is an excellent place from which to explore the stunning features of the park. It is quite likely that you will encounter large troops of Gelada Baboons around the lodge. Depending upon the wishes of the group, we can visit many of the lookouts, spend time observing the endemic wildlife, or going on short hikes along the impressive escarpment. The beautiful sunsets will end our days perfectly.

Simien Mountain Lodge (2 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Road Transport - Gondar to the Simien Mountains Ground Transport around the Simiens (2 day) Breakfasts (2) Lunch (2) Dinner (2)

Days 11-12

We say goodbye to the Simien Park for a fairly long drive to Axum. This is the longest day we spend driving during the tour but it takes us through the dramatic landscape of the Simien Mountain range and drops 1500 m to Adi-Arkay before ascending to Axum. The road twists and turns through the valleys and gorges and allows for some excellent photographic opportunities. The road built by Italians is a feat of engineering which clings to the steep cliffs and is one to be admired. We arrive in Axum and check into Yeha Hotel which is a comfortable Government run hotel. In Axum we have time to visit the Stelae Fields which are impressive carved granite tombstones dating from the Aksumite Kingdom, 200 AD. Axum was once the capital of the Aksumite Kingdom of the ancient world. Today it is just a small sleepy town.

Yeha Hotel (2 night) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Road Transport - Gondar to the Axum Ground Transport around Axum (2 day) Breakfasts (2) Picnic Lunch (2) Dinner(2)

Days 13-14-15

In the morning we leave Axum in our minibuses and head into the heart of Tigray country on the way to the Gheralta Ranges. 58km north of Axum we visit the Yeha ruins which are considered the birthplace of Ethiopia's earliest civilisation nearly 3 millenium ago. Next to the ruins is the Church of Abuna Aftse built in the 6th century. Inside there is an outstanding collection of beautifully incised ancient Sabaean incriptions as well as manuscripts. Further along the route we pass Debre Damo which is one of Ethiopia's most important religious sites. Perched precariously atop a sheer-sided flat-topped mountain, the only way to visit is a clamber up a sheer 15 m cliff. Only men are allowed to visit the site atop the mountain. In the late afternoon we arrive at the Gheralta Lodge which is a wonderfully peaceful lodge built by an Italian architect with buildings beautifully constructed out of stone in the local traditional way. Here we relax for 3 days whilst we explore the many rock hewn churches, many of which are situated on hill tops. The Gheralta Ranges also provides many different walks and hikes depending upon personal preferences.

Gheralta Lodge (3 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Ground Transport around Gheralta area (3 days) Breakfasts (3) Lunch (3) Dinner (3)

Day 16

We depart the Gheralta Lodge in the morning to Mekele, the largest city in Northern Ethiopia. On the way we have the chance to visit some of the many ancient Churches and Monastries that we pass. There is also the chance to do some more short walks in the hills. When we reach Mekele, we visit the local market where we may have a chance to see the Camel Caravans that bring in salt blocks from the Danakil Depression region. After lunch we head to the airport to catch the 4.20pm flight to Addis Ababa. We arrive in Addis at 5.50pm for an overnight stay.

Hotel 4 star (1 night) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Road Transport - Gheralta to Mekele, then fly to Addis Ababa Ground Transport (1 day) Breakfasts (1) Dinner (1)

Days 17-18

In the morning we drive 3 hours south of the capital to Lake Langano where we stay at the Saban Beach Resort for 2 nights. This is our chance to relax at this peaceful resort, take a swim in the lake and enjoy looking through the wonderful photos we have taken. Our return schedule to Addis Ababa depends upon the flight schedules.

Sabana Beach Resort (2 nights) - Twin Share

What you will experience
Road Transport- Addis Ababa to Lake Langano. Ground Transport (2 day) Breakfasts (2) Dinner (2)

Day 19

After breakfast we leave Lake Langano mid morning, have lunch on the way to Addis Ababa, then back to Jupiters Hotel in Addis Ababa to freshen up, before you board your flight home. Departure time subject to airline schedules.


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