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The name changed to Addis Ababa and became Ethiopia's capital when Menelik II became Emperor of Ethiopia


Even though much of Axum's history is still in semi-darkness, Axum is the capital of the Christianity religion


Bahir Dar is the third largest city in Ethiopia, after Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa, and has a population.....


Gondar previously served as the capital of both the Ethiopian Empire book this 8 days Ethiopia package|....
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Ethiopia's Erta Ale Volcano and the Danakil Depression -The Danakil or Dallol depression is one of the hottest places in this planet and it is one of the lowest spot on African continent.
Ethiopia's Erta Ale Volcano and the Danakil Depression 12 days Ethiopian Tour

Over geological time, the northern part of the Great Rift Valley has formed a triangular basin between the Danakil Desert and the Afar Plain that today holds some of the most astounding terrain in the Horn of Africa.

In the Danakil Depression the topography sinks as low as 125m (410ft) below sea level. And within this inverted world of rock and heat, rise volcanic peaks to as high as2500m (6200ft). While temperatures can reach 50o C, the Danakil Depression is not exactly a breezy tour, rather an inhospitable environment for all living creatures, including human beings. Nonetheless the Afar region is home to the Afar people, who have survived centuries by adopting a nomadic existence and local economy based on salt trading in the highlands to endure this extreme and hostile environment.

Perhaps the most famous site in the great depression is the active volcano Erta Ale, rising to 613m (2011ft) with one or sometimes two active lava lakes boiling in its caldera. Erta Ale is credited as being the longest-existing lava lake with a known existence since 1906. Visiting the crater in the middle of the night is the best way to avoid the mid-day heat.

The other major attraction in the Danakil Depression is Dallol, where a volcanic explosion has created a crater some100km northwest of Erta Ale. The crater was formed during a paratactic eruption in 1926. All around the crater are pools of volcanic minerals translating to vivid oranges, yellows and reds, which makes for an unforgettable visit.

Day 1 Arrive in Addis Ababa. Overnight hotel.
Day 2 Drive to Awash National Park to see large game and various birds. Overnight in National Park lodge.
Day 3 Drive to Semera and explore the Afar village and its culture. Overnight camping.
Day 4 Drive to Lake Afera. Overnight camping.
Day 5 Drive to Dodom and start trek to Erta Ale. Overnight camping.
Day 6 Drive to Waydodo. Overnight camping.
Day 7 Drive to Ahmed Ela. Overnight camping.
Day 8 Drive to Lake Asele and to Dallol and back to Ahmed Ela. Overnight camping.
Day 9 Drive to Mekele through the town of Berhile. Overnight hotel.
Day 10 Drive to Kombolcha, en route you visit Hayeke Stiphanose monastery. Overnight hotel.
Day 11 Drive to Addis Ababa (time permitting visit Senbete market). Overnight hotel.
Day 12 Full day city tour of Addis Ababa, in evening, farewell dinner party and departure.


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